The Cost of Prom

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

As Spring approaches, so does what’s suppose to be the “pinnacle” of every high schoolers life. The most magical night of them all. A night that’s up there with your wedding day and maybe even the birth of your first child. Memories that you will cherish forever. The pictures that you will look back at when you’re 40 and sulking. PROM.

Prom’s have been around since as early as the 1940’s in the United States, according to Time Magazine. Originally made for college students, more and more high schoolers began to adopt this tradition as the years went on.

Then, because of the economy boost after the war in the ‘50’s, prom began to become more glitzy. They were held in more extravagant locations than a smelly gymnasium. Prom’s started being held at country clubs, and hotel ballrooms. In 1975, Susan Ford (President Ford’s daughter) held her high school prom at what’s undoubtedly the greatest location ever: The White House (Time Magazine).

But with luxury of a night like Prom, comes the costs of such an event. In 2011, the average family spent $807 on prom. In 2013, $807 became $1,139 (Visa Survey.)

According to CNN Money, the increase in money spent, comes with the increase of social media in our culture. Websites and apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook make teenagers want to post more on their special night. The more they spend and the better they look all make for the perfect post.

“So far, we’ve spent approximately $5000 on prom. This includes security, the DJ, and decorations,” says Junior Prom Committee member Madi Franco. “We want everyone to have the most memorable prom we can offer.”

“Prom is definitely worth it in my opinion. You’re only in high school once, and I feel that it’s important to make the most of your high school life right now,” she adds. “You have the rest of your life to be lazy and watch Netflix, but you only have a few opportunities to go to prom.”

Credits to Kate Murray
Credits to Kate Murray