Green Week Preview

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor


Green week is an event held every year that helps empowers schools all over the US, to participate in lessons, activities, and projects that focus on the environment.

Green months begins in the beginning of February and ends at the end of National Earth month (April). Schools choose one week in between that time frame to designate at their own take on green week. They also choose a program focused on a sustainability aspect from the Green Education Foundation to be their week’s theme.

The activities began next week for Ames High. On Monday students are encouraged to wear earth tone colored clothing, like browns and greens. The entire week will be bike to school week. Biking is a healthy, efficient and free way to help your community. Biking leaves no carbon footprint. The last coffee house will be Friday, May 1st to end the week. On top of all this, students are able to win prizes all week to motivate them to participate.

Green week is an amazing way to grab peoples attention and focus it on environmental issues surrounding us today. It makes people realize all the greener solutions to their everyday routines.

Participate in Green Week and learn about the difference you can make in your own community.