Madi Franco: Profile


Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

Bustling through the cluttered halls of Ames High school this year, you’ll find Senior Madi Franco. At only 17, her list of accomplishments goes through the roof. Between her multitude of scholastic activities and lending her time for more artistic endeavors, (photography, freelance makeup work) she is a jack of all trades.

As an eager and bright minded seven year old, Madi was introduced into a world of doctors visits, hospital stays, and her mother’s growing tummy. With her own eyes, she was able to witness the magic that doctors could do.

Madi had discovered her niche. Healthcare.

Fast forward to ten years later. Madi has taken her love for this career to the next level. With so much desire, she decided to get her feet wet early.

“I got accepted into Mercy College of Health sciences in April of my Junior year to become an EMT. My courses started immediately in Des Moines. I had to drive there on school nights,” Madi shared.

“In the summer, I was working 25 hours at a medical supply company, then doing clinicals at night. I worked overnight shifts in the Mercy Emergency Room, doing 12 hour ambulance shifts.”

Even though she enjoyed what she was doing, it came at a cost. During the onset of her course, she realized that in order to balance school and passion, you must make sacrifices.

“There was a span of about 25 days where I didn’t see any of my friends, which was incredibly tough. I also missed out on my family vacation so I could attend a pre-college health experience in Milwaukee.”

She uses these lessons of hard work that she’s acquired through the medical field and implements them into her school life. Madi lends her time to all different types of clubs and activities. From HOSA to Team Tailgate, she does it all.

“Aside of my independent extracurriculars, I enjoy participating in chorus, winter musical, and this year, Madrigal. These type of activities allow me to take a break from the stress of the more academic activities that I’m in.”

If you walk near the activities entrance at school, you’ll be sure to see the mural Madi painted for homecoming.

“I was a little nervous,” she admitted.

“I had never painted something on such a large scale before. Despite the rain and the heat, I’m so pleased with how it turned out.”

Although busy with her future career, she makes sure to give time to her other interests. A self proclaimed beauty enthusiast, Madi launched her YouTube makeup channel (Madi Franco Makeup) this summer. She even began giving makeovers to her fellow peers for their senior pictures.

“My interest in makeup stemmed from my interest in YouTube. I’ve always been interested in art, and I think makeup is a more personal way of art. I believe that everyone should be in confident in who they are, with or without makeup.”

Despite her advocacy of self-confidence, Madi has dealt with her share of self-doubt as well.

“I always thought that the furthest I could push myself was nursing, because it was a four year fast track into the medical field. I never thought of myself as smart or worthy enough to become something more, despite my passion for healthcare.”

Madi found solace in Michael J. Collins’ memoir, “Blue Collar Blue Scrubs,” a tale on how one man went from construction worker to surgeon.

“Collins’ story is really inspiring to me and has given me the push that I needed to pursue my M.D. No matter what your passion is, the key to getting where you want is to always believe in yourself and what you can do. ”