Sophie Roberts rocks the school


Megan Hofer, Reporter

At only 15 years of age, Sophie Roberts has taken the world by storm with her mad music skills and addictive personality. She doesn’t like to brag but her music ability is anything but miniscule. She plays around seven instruments, including bass, clarinet, drums, guitar and  ukulele. When talking to Sophie anybody could see that she is very passionate about music. It  could easily be assumed that Sophie is either in her classes or jamming out in jazz band with her close bud Olivia Lauber.  “I really like music. I have since I was very small.” She said with a grin on her face. “You know, not only height wise but age wise too.”

Sophie doesn’t just see herself as a quirky clarinet player but also as a funny, creative and dorky person who really likes Scott Pilgrim vs The World. She’s involved in Feminist Club, Spectrum, and SHEPH. Besides music she is also quite passionate about science and engineering. In her free time you could usually find her somewhere studying for AP Biology or doodling in her notebooks. “I don’t consider myself unintelligent. ” She laughed, absolutely not giving herself enough credit. She survives tough classes, many clubs, and long list of social events.  She is organized and very focused. In class you could generally see her raising her hand and participating. She knows what she wants and she strives for it. Sophie Roberts is not only an overall awesome person but she’s also a great friend and an amazing student.