Adam Rice


Lucas Bleyle, Print Manager

“So is this game on the appstore?’ asked Brett Stone who sat next to Adam Rice at a choir concert, playing his self-made smart phone game.

“No, it cost one-hundred dollars to put a game on the appstore,” responded Adam. Brett reaches and downs, pulls out his wallet, and produces a one-hundred dollar bill, holding it out to Adam.

“That was a lot more money than I have ever made in half a second,” Adam said. With the money Adam purchases a license and puts his game Rimbal on the IOS appstore.

“Bound was taken. Bounce. Rimbalzo is Italian for bounce so I took off the zo,” Adam explained. The game features a ball that slides back and forth across the screen, and the goal is to dodge geometric obstacles descending from the top of the screen by tapping the screen to change the orientation of gravity.

Since its release it has become a worldwide phenomenon having been downloaded  hundreds of times.

Adam’s programming career began in sixth grade when he was pulled out of math class to participate in an Elp program focused around programming.

“We went to the media center and looked at this thing called scratch. I hated it at first actually. I totally despised it. I didn’t understand any of it,” Adam said. However, after messing around enough he found that it was something he really enjoyed. He learned multiple programming languages and now is enrolled in an AP Computer Science class offered through the school.

“I just treaded water until AP Java. Now I am really progressing a lot. I’ve learned more about computer science in that last year than I have in the last five,” Adam said.

His talents extend beyond computer programming.

“I joined choir in fourth grade. I have been every part in the choir. Soprano fourth grade, alto fifth grade, tenor sixth and seventh, and ever since then I’ve been a bass,” he said. He played a small role in Bye Bye Birdie and played Liver Lips Louie in Guys and Dolls. He also participated in Madrigal as a sophomore.

Adam Rice also draws.

“Only on Sundays though. Sunday is my drawing day,” Adam said, “I draw one thing every week and it is always on Sunday.”

That’s Adam Rice everyone.