Avery Mosher

Jonathan Watt, Opinion Editor

“…generally, I’m a pretty boring person.” – A.M.


As high school students at the best school in the state, many of us dedicate ourselves to achieving satisfaction, something that never seems to be quite within our reach. So far we have gone, so hard we have worked, that many of us have allowed ourselves to dedicate such a miniscule amount of time to equally, if not more important things like friends, passions, and sometimes happiness altogether. It’s a disease that’s affected us all, taking away our ability to slow down and take in the little things.

This disease, I’m happy to say, never took hold in Avery Mosher, our friendly neighborhood sophomore.

“Generally, I’m a pretty boring person.” Avery said, allowing his modesty to get the better of him. But fortunately for us, Avery is really anything but boring. He takes great pride in his ability to connect with his classmates through school.

I’m involved in Cross Country, Track, and play in the Trombone in Symphonic band,” said Avery, thoughtfully. However, he makes it no secret that he’s in it for the friendships. “Without people it’s hard to have a good time. While you can run by yourself it is much less boring to run with a friend or someone you know.”

I can personally attest to his friendliness: I met Avery as a lowly trumpet player in Jazz band, and I struck up a conversation with him after hearing about him from my friends. Since then, not a day hasn’t gone by where he hasn’t greeted my in the hallway with a “Sup” and a riveting conversation topic.

In fact, Avery has a huge passion which dominates our conversations.

I have liked cars since I was very little. I could recognize different cars by the time I was one. I have always enjoyed reading different things about cars and helping people find a car that works for them,” spouted an enthused Avery. “ I also enjoy cleaning cars. I’m not sure what it is about washing a car but it is satisfying to see the car go from dusty to clean.”  Avery is also quick to add his dismay for automatic car washes- washing them by hand is far superior, as many will agree.

However, Ames hasn’t always been blessed with the presence of Avery Mosher.” I’m an only child and I lived in Marshalltown until I moved to Ames in May of 2013,” Mosher recalls. “We moved on May 2nd 2013, which was the day that it snowed 1 to 2 inches. That alone made moving very stressful. “ Despite his stressful move, we are forever grateful to have him at Ames High.

Well, while all of these things look great on paper, how does Avery measure up in real life?

Let me put it to you this way: not once have I sat down next to Avery and he hasn’t had something to excitedly spout off or rant about. It’s made for some of the most entertaining and wholesome free periods of my high school career.

My friend Avery is many things: musical, mechanical, mathematical, and Mosher. But, contrary to what he may have you believe, boring he is not. Do yourself a favor: make friends with Avery. You’ll learn to appreciate the simple things.