Roland-Story Freshman Shares What Life Is Like as a Christian Girl in 2022


Grace Saxton

Frankie and Grace at church getting confirmed.

According to, 63% of US teenage girls ranging from the ages of 13-17 attend religious services and identify as Christian. For Frankie Hadsall, she is proud to say she is part of that 63%.

Frankie understands how difficult being a Christian woman in today’s society is. All the opinions being thrown at her can draw her away from what is important in life. Frankie shares her experience with social media and the ways she stays connected with her faith.

“The most important thing to me is Jesus because I never worry about relying on Him, and He helps me through everything no matter what,” Hadsall says.

Frankie grew up going to church, but her growth of faith didn’t bloom until the summer going into 8th grade. However, her being able to shut out the opinions of the world and focus on God didn’t begin until she started her freshman year.

“I kinda just told myself that everyone has their own insecurities, and as long as I’m happy with something then others shouldn’t judge it.”

In Frankie’s past experiences, always focusing on others’ opinions really would stress her out about how she looked because she didn’t want people to judge her, so instead of focusing on herself, she would focus on what others would think of her. Eventually, she just stopped caring.

“I know I will always care, so I can’t say I don’t care at all, but I kinda just let go of it and try not to worry. Jesus helps me a lot because I apply things that he says about me.”

Through life, people will always have something negative to say. As a Christian woman today it can be very hard to focus on what Jesus says about others. Frankie still sometimes struggles with this, but with strong faith comes hard faith practices. For example, taking that time to connect with God can be very important to making a true relationship to be able to cut out negative aspects of the world.

“My main way of feeling connected is through prayer, honestly. I just pray about everything no matter if it’s good or bad.”

Prayer is a powerful thing and there are facts about how faith grows stronger through prayer. Frankie has also mentioned that reading her Bible and diving into the word helps a lot as well.

“Jesus is the most important thing to me because He shows me what love is and provides my foundation. I couldn’t live without Him.”