October is LGBT month

October is LGBT month

October is national LGBT month. Among all the other activities going on, it is a month to recognize LGBT advocates, like Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris, who have changed people’s lives with their activism. However, despite the growing support for this community and the work and involvement many have dedicated time towards (including a local club right here at AHS), the events that have been occurring in Russia are contrary to this month of acceptance.

First off, to understand the depth of this controversial world issue at hand, one must understand the long litany of words that LGBTQIAA is: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Allies. Allies includes friends, supporters, and anyone who is interested in learning more about involvement. Many people don’t like to group or label themselves as well, but the acronym is used commonly.

Many of the things Spectrum talks about include influential activists and issues going on at the high school, but one law created has stirred something fervent in the national LGBT community.

“We talk about issues in the school and focus on community, but we are [currently] looking at Russia,” said one member. The new law the country has adapted specifically states that there can be no non-traditional sexual relationship ideas advocated (as in ads, parades, or other media) for the eyes of minors to see.

Although students at Ames High won’t be able to take on huge controversial issues such as those in Russia, getting involved in local and school issues is a big step. More immediate to the community here, some members of Spectrum discuss some icons in the LGBT community and how they’ve inspired small steps like this.

“I like Neil Patrick Harris,” said Veronica Fisher. Harris was featured on the 14th of October in 2011 for LGBT month. Fisher said, “He is very open… He proves to the world you can have a healthy family with two fathers.”

Olivia Leslie, another member of Spectrum, said, “I really love Ellen. She’s fabulous. She’s not scared to be who she is. She was out before a lot of gay celebrities.” People like Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris are inspiring for many.

The controversy with Russia’s new law might get people more interested in voicing opinions and getting more information on the cause. Spectrum is the place to go, and October is a good first time to start.