Athletes get recognition with Marketing class


Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

This winter, Mrs. Schmaltz’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing class is trying something new and it is catching the eye of Ames High students. In the main lobby, different athletes from the winter sports will be featured in the classes ‘Athlete of the Week’ showcase.

The marketing class is excited about the buzz that is going around about their creation.

The features will start with seniors then will move to other varsity players as the season progresses. The wall has pictures from all winter sports.

“I feel like people will want to take this class next year after they see what we’ve done,” Junior Emilie Peel said.

The Sports and Marketing class was developed four years ago, but this is the first year that Mrs. Schmaltz has taught the class.

“It’s been a blast so far,” Schmaltz said. “I really look forward to the growth of the program over the next few years.”

The class has 16 students right now, but the one semester class is quickly gaining popularity.

“I would totally take this class again next year- can I do that please?” laughed Peel.

Even though the class is known for their sports emphasis, the curriculum involves event/concert management as well.

The class took a field trip to the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines and to the Iowa Hall of Pride to explore the sports marketing ideas that are taking place in their own area. Mrs. Schmaltz said, “The Hall of Pride is one of the best kept secrets in Iowa… [the group] thoroughly enjoyed their trip.”

The class is trying to incorporate themselves into various programs here at Ames High school, besides the athlete of the week. Students in the class helped plan the winter kickoff, which attracted more than just athlete’s families. Sports Marketing and Management also helped with the DECA food drive.

Junior Ninni Salminen is an exchange student from Finland. Sports Marketing is one of her favorite classes because it is different than the rest of her schedule.

“We don’t have the same kind of classes in Finland,” she said. “I’m glad I’m taking this class, because I wouldn’t get to take this kind of class back home.”

The popularity of this class has boosted among prospective students. If you would like to take sports marketing talk with your counselor to see how it can best fit into your schedule.