The Amazing Girls Swim Team


Elizabeth Jackson, Reporter

As the school year begins, many Ames High students can be found participating in a fall sport. These students know the dedication it takes to balance school, and athletics. One large group of girls that knows dedication like nobody else, is the girls’ swim team. Coached by Dan Flannery, these girls know that hard work pays off, and this is illustrated by their hardcore practice schedule and their great success that has been seen through many victories. Senior and member of the girls’ swim team, Grace Snyder, gave some insight into the hard work it takes to create a winning swim team.

Before school, the ladies of the swim team have practice from 5:45-7:00 and then have an additional practice after school. This is only part of their intense workout schedule. The team also has practice on Saturday mornings, as well as additional weight lifting sessions and ab work-outs that they have to do. All of this is in preparation for the countless swim meets each season, as well as regionals and state. Getting through the long and tiring season wouldn’t be possible if not for a great support system. Grace Snyder credits her teammates for being a huge part of the rewarding experience.

“The friendships and the relationships you build with the team is so awesome! They become like your family and it’s really nice to know you’ll have memories with these people forever.”

Though swimming is a largely individual sport, the girls working hard in unison has paid off, and been rewarding to stay the least. Last season, the girls won their 5th state championship, scoring in every swimming and diving event, and ultimately leading to their state championship title. Over the summer, the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association (NISCA) awarded the Ames High Girls Swim Team number one in their class, by its All American Award. So even though being on  the team is one the most enjoyable parts of  the sport, Grace Snyder states that, “Winning isn’t too bad either.”

The next two home meets for the team  take place on September 20th and October 4th. If Ames High students aren’t too busy, they should head out to the pool and cheer on the incredible Ames High Girls’ Swim Team.