Senior Sendoff 2021

FIRST NAME LAST NAME OPTIONAL: What are your plans after you graduate? What is your intended major/specialty/job?
Dani Adams-Valenzuela University of Wisconsin-Madison community and environmental sociology
Chinemelum Amara Agba Northeastern University User Interface and Graphic Design
Issra Al-Sager Eastern Michigan University pre-occupational therapy
Rob Arbuckle Wartburg College business administration or actuarial science
Katie Barnes NDSU I will be majoring in geology with an emphasis on paleontology with the goal of someday working in a museum.
Ellie Barry University of Arizona dance
Brooklyn R Bergum DMACC undecided
Katrina Bernhard IOWA double major in neuroscience and human physiology. future doctor.
Jessica Blitvich ISU
Ava Bruhn Georgia State University graphic design
E’mma Camara University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in acting
Yujie Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science
Logan Chitty Employment
Michael Chumos Employment My job that I want in the future is to be a writer of books and articles, so journalist alongside author.
Ian Coffman University of Minnesota ecology, evolution, and behavior
Savion Coleman Grandview Social work
Aidan Q Compton Undecided Science
Rowan Daniel Undecided I will pursue music at an undecided university.
Ian Hunter De Wall Luther College, I plan to play football for Luther College as well Physics with an Astronomy basis
Natalie Kaye Deaton DMACC I want to go for either culinary arts or neonatal nursing
Andrew Debner Virginia Tech Architecture + Civil & Environmental Structural Engineering majors and minor in French
Ezekiel Deboest ISU music
Adriana Jane Detrick DMACC Early Childhood Education and Theatre
Roberto Dubiel Undecided bartender
Kylie Edwardson ISU elementary education
Ryan Eggert Butler University My intended major is sports media.
Mia D Facio ISU culinary food science
Kayla Fincham ISU kinesiology (pre- occupational therapy)
Joe Flannery Undecided Business/ marketing
Maku Forchu ISU Computer science
Peyton Gallt Luther College nursing
Annie Galvin University of Kentucky Kinesiology – Exercise Science
Luke Grandgenett IOWA Biomedical Engineering
Caleb Grawe Wartburg College Major: business
Makenzie Lee Grim DMACC nursing
Gage A. Groesbeck Air Force
Sophia Hammes IOWA psychology and pre child life
Mead Hardacre ISU business/photojournalism
John Hargrove Navy
Brandon Harold ISU pre-business
Olivia Heindel ISU business double major in marketing and management
Kayley Helmer ISU mathematics
Kelli Helmer DMACC Automotive Technology
trent hustedt DMACC chiropractor
Aidan Julich DMACC
Sophia Karthik IOWA human physiology
Delaney Knutson IOWA Nursing
Kat Kozakova ISU kinesiology, pre-physical therapy
Jasmine Lee IOWA Microbiology
Pharaoh Luzy Lloyd Employment veterinary medicine
Julia Marks ISU pre-vet path
Sarah Erin Maroney DMACC associate of science degree
Olivia A Mays University of Cincinnati medical laboratory science
Jamey McCalley University of Minnesota-Twin Cities biology
Dylan Mescher IOWA Bartending
Dylan Mesenbrink Undecided weary traveller of the world
Dylan Mesenbrink No-where vagabond
Kirsten Morken St. Cloud State Psychology
Liz Morris ISU pre-med
Avery Mosher ISU counseling/therapy
Mia Moulden University of Denver sociology
Casey Mumm ISU business
Mallory L Murphy Liberty University biomedical sciences
Erin Murphy UNI plan to study digital-media journalism, photography and Spanish
Grace E. Nelson St. Olaf College I plan to major in something business/financial related.
Jordan Olivia Nicholson IOWA I will be majoring in Biology
Lillian Nott DMACC nursing
Olivia Oakley ISU undecided
Alyssa Olinger Undecided Something with taking care of animals, or art
Madeline Orngard IOWA Biomedical engineering on a pre-med track!
Ty S. Paysen Employment Walmart
Cassidy Brooke Peterson Arizona State University Music and Culture
Keaton Peterson Air Force electrical engineering
Maxim Popov ISU computer science
Jada Rains Employment Copy Editor
Rylee Rash University of Arizona nursing
Haley V Reeves IOWA environmental science pre- vet
Lily Rettig ISU undecided
Megan Diane Riesselman Grandview University major in sports management
Rachel Rosacker University of Missouri pre-nursing
Sarah Rundall ISU English
Maab Salim Studying university internationally medical field (dentistry) with business.
Deckard G. Sanborn ISU management information systems
Alaina Sassman ISU graphic design
Luke Sauceda ISU hospitality management
Sylia Schaper ISU entrepreneurship and/or global studies
Josiah Schumacher ISU mechanical engineering
Leah Schwichtenberg DMACC Undecided
Claire Stephenson IOWA Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a minor in psychology!
Nikolai Stevens ISU agricultural engineering
Jeffrey Swanson ISU biology
Jersey Tapia ISU speech language pathology working with children who have speech delays or trouble with motor skills.
Steven Tian Columbia University mechanical engineering
Karla C Torres Lupian ISU English education
Breanna Christine Van Dyke UNI elementary education
Lincoln VerSteegt DMACC I work at Hy-Vee. No planned major.
Samuel Vertanen DMACC To Be Determined
Eddie Wei Claremont McKenna College economics
Gracie Wesselmann ISU design w/ marketing minor (creative director)
Carter Charles White Oklahoma State Sports Media, Snare in Drumline
Shawn L. Wichers Army I am currently enlisted as a special forces candidate or 11x in the army.
Olivia Wiench ISU open/undecided
Vijay M Williams Morehouse College Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies (CTEMS)
Laurel Williams William Woods University (private school in Missouri) double major chem/bio + equine science minor
Adam A. Wolf ISU Construction Engineering
Natalie Wolter ISU
Anyang Yu UCLA biology
Yuer J Zhu Carnegie Mellon University Major: design, Minor: psychology

About Senior Sendoffs: Students in the graduating class of 2021 were asked to respond to this optional WEB survey in May 2021. This is not an official list of Ames High graduates.