Ajax Podcast

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

When one first thinks of the word podcast, typically an awkward middle aged man sitting and speaking to his computer comes to mind. But with the new Ajax podcast featuring AJ Foegen and Jack Heikens, the stereotype of podcast is broken.

These high schoolers may seem like average, weird students that have a clever tweet every now and then, but they actually have voices that light up the speakers of anyone’s sound system.

Many were first hesitant of this decision to create a podcast. With technology booming, why not a video show, website, or something even farther fetched? But the truth is, a podcast was a clever decision. It is something new that high school students can enjoy while scrolling through their twitter feed, Pinterest boards, or endless Instagram posts. Nothing can honestly be more enjoyable than viewing something pleasing to the eye while listening to voices soothing to the ear.

With already 3 episodes aired, a multitude of topics have been covered. 50 Shades of Grey, Senior Chris Halbur, and Kanye to name a few. The boundaries are endless with these two, even audience suggestions are encouraged.

So do yourself a favor a turn on the ethereal voices of AJ Foegen and Jack Heikens at http://ajaxpodcast.wordpress.com or even iTunes! Say goodbye to Pandora accompanying endless Internet searches and hello to the wonderful world of the Ajax podcast.