Death by wisdom teeth removal

Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

Monday the 16th, 9:15, I was sent to my demise. This was the day I had my wisdom teeth removal. I waited in the oral surgeon’s room in the chair, with my arm extended to him so the oral surgeon can stick me with the anesthesia. I don’t remember anything else after that. There was a point where I was sitting in another chair in a different room, and I was very confused to how I got there. My mother claims I was very upset when the nurse said I couldn’t smoke, as I kept raising my voice at her saying how I don’t smoke. I was driven home, and fell asleep upon arrival. I wake up with nasty bloody gauze in my mouth, and highly groggy.

I look back to see if I did anything bad in my drugged state, and I did. I texted people weird and awkward things that I should have no have been saying. I texted people I should not have been texting in general. I am thankful I did not snapchat anyone, as I would not have known what I sent to them. Drugged me knew what was up.

The next few days were the same blur. I ate soft foods and too much ice cream. Real food was all I wanted but couldn’t truly have. I was very sick of soup and ice cream. I took an unreal amount of naps along with hours of Greys Anatomy and private practice on end. All of my friends were gone over break from band tour and other vacations, so I was in the house with my parents as my sister also left me alone, for trips with her friends, to fend for my sickly and dreadful self.

Overall, I survived. I trudged my way through the bloody gauze and waves of stabbing pain. 10/10 would not recommend. I’m glad I got through this uphill battle alive, with my dignity intact, and am able to live to tell the tale.