World War Fun

Peter VanDerZanden, Reporter

For the past few years big first person shooter franchises have been making games take place further and further into the future. A lot of member in the community wanted to see these game developers create a shooter that takes place in the past, or at least stop making games in the future. People were tired of jetpacks, laser guns, and exo-skeletons. When Call of Duty released their trailer for their newest game “infinite warfare” The trailer consisted of robots flying around in space, spaceships flying, and big explosions in space. The reveal got a lot of negative feedback. The video got a record 3.3 million dislikes (second most on youtube). Then only a week later battlefield released their teaser for “battlefield 1” This trailer had crazy detailed shots of horse riders that looked like they were straight out of Lawrence of Arabia. It had gritty sequences of soldiers clubbing one another with maces and shovels. The trailer continued all sorts of action from the first world war. This new game was received very well.

The world waited patiently for battlefield 1. More video was revealed via recordings from E3 the closed alpha. Then the open Beta came out on August 31 2016. This gave gamers a nice sample of what was to come on October 21 2016 for the game’s official release.

I got Battlefield 1 on October 21 and have been playing it since. The first thing I noticed when I started playing was the visuals. This game look amazing. The attention to detail is amazing. The game captures the different fronts of the war perfectly. There is a huge variety of environments in the game from the Argonne forest of France to the Austrian Alps and the Sinai Desert. The Multiplayer is also very well done. The gameplay is smooth, the different classes are well balanced. They added a new gamemode called operations. It combines aspects Battlefields two most popular gamemodes, rush and conquest. I have played this mode a few times but I prefer playing some class

Some of the biggest criticisms I have of the game is the servers are spotty at times and that can be very annoying. There have been 8 hour periods where no one could get online. Another thing that some people say he game isn’t that “realistic” to the actual war. But I think that is a ridiculous thing to be upset about. Of course it’s not! WW1 was fought in trenches and would be a very a boring game! It is a Battlefield spin on WW1 and that is completely ok with me.

Overall I am really enjoying this game so far would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of first person shooter action games looking for a new unique game to get into.