Liam Struck, Reporter

There are roughly 36 parks here in lil’ ole’ Ames, Iowa. But which park reigns supreme? Which park sustains a healthy atmosphere, the best view, the best trail, or the best place to go hammocking? Out of the 36 parks in Ames, only eight are defined as Regional Parks or Community parks. However, I think us Iowans only consider these eight as actual legitimate take your dog to the park kind of parks: Brookside, Daley, Emma Mccarthy Lee, Inis Grove, Moore Memorial, Bandshell, Ada Hayden Heritage and River Valley park.

Encompassing number eight comes Daley Park. While Daley Parks locale is far from convenient for most high schoolers (being on the west side of town), Daley provides a nice bathroom and a small basketball court.

Salivating number seven is river Valley park cause I’ve never been there.

Staying at number six is Ada Hayden Heritage park. While Ada Hayden is a beautiful regional park and thrives in its many trails, it doesn’t provide what most parks do. While it boasts an entire 137 acres it lacks a playground, any sort of recreational facility such as a basketball court or soccer field and is on the outskirts of Ames. It can certainly provide breathtaking scenery and offers kayak rentals in the summer – but where the playground at?

Frothing at number five would have to be Bandshell. Located near downtown, it’s a great place to take your kids after shopping or going out to eat. The downside is that it’s right next to our Power Plant, which is quite an eye sore you just can’t ignore. It’s spread out too thin and lacks any structure and if you are coming here to walk, well, just don’t, there are no trails. What redeems Bandshell? Well, it’s bandshell, where shows and concerts are held for the town. A large, lush open space in front of the shell compliments every show with the potential for a great crowd.

Fitting at number four is Emma McCarthy Lee park. Emma McCarthy is my personal favorite park. Having the Munn Woods located a stone skip away from it’s main butternut shelter peaks the interest of any nature lover – The Munn Woods are full of lush, vibrant forest life that changes the world around you the second you step in it’s warm embrace – but we’re talking parks, and the Munn Woods is not apart of the actual Park. Emma alone provides a measly volleyball court, but two well kept shelters, a tennis court and a large open space used for soccer and or ultimate frisbee. Located in West Ames, Mccarthy provides a great, local, neighbourhood park for people of all ages to enjoy.

Titillating number three comes Inis Grove. Inis provides not only four volleyball courts, several shelters for grilling and soaking up that sweet Iowan sun but has a basketball court, tennis courts and an expansive woodland. Unfortunately, during the summer those woods are infested with children from Camp Canwita. However, that can also be a plus if you were to join the program.

Tucking in number two is Brookside park. Brookside boasts an entire Baseball and Softball complex, well maintained sand volleyball courts, an iconic firetruck and The George Tsushima Memorial Skatepark. Complimenting Brookside family friendly canvas is the Skunk River that provides refuge for sun baked iowans on those blistering summer days. There’s one, inconvenient, semi-aquatic problem though, if it rains, it pours. Every year Brookside is notoriously known to flood, and when it floods, it FLOODS. The whole park is submerged in water, the skatepark is too wet to skate and the fields are impossible to play on. Without this flooding Brookside might of been bumped to number one, but probably not.

Oozing the number one spot is Moore Park. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the best park in Ames is Moore Park. Moore Park is superior in it’s easy to follow trails that make the walker feel a sense of freedom but guidance. Moore holds not one, but two beautiful playgrounds perfect for the cool autumn day. Moore is also filled with history, a large old barn and a silo corner the park hovering over some of the trails as a humble reminder of the past. If anyone suffered from the wrath of Tim Mooney you know the running trails he would keep us looping for miles. You don’t have to be in cross country to suffer these routes, you can do them on your own time, anytime! Well, there’s your list, if you have any problems with this list, just know, I don’t really care but you can always DM me on that AmesHighWeb on Instagram.