The Ensu App: What Your Music Says About You


Sorry Apple Music listeners this one isn’t for you. So you have your Spotify wrapped, now what do you do? Download the Ensu App onto your phone (it’s free). “The Ensu App: what your music says about you” connects directly with your Spotify account. Combining both a mood tracker and daily listening session, so, you don’t have to wait until December to see what your music taste looks like.

Don’t know what kind of music you want to vibe to today? Ensu acts as a mood tracker that then curates different kinds of songs and playlists based on your current mood and what you want to feel. Once you vibe with a playlist, you can actually make it one of your own on your Spotify account! Tracking your mood is super easy, in fact, it’s the first thing you do when opening the app. Seeing your mood journal and your listening sessions at the same time is so much better than waiting until December isn’t it?

This app, however, is not magic. It only curates music and not podcasts for those of you who like to spice things up. I haven’t used the Ensu app very long but I can tell it’s not for everyone. However, I think some people might find this app very useful and fun. Although not a necessity for listening, the app is super easy to use and can help broaden your musical taste. Even though sometimes it may take you a while to find what you think you might want to listen to or doesn’t get your vibe after one or two tries, it’s still worth downloading and trying out for yourself.