Online Education

Online school is probably the worst option for teenagers to learn because they lose the human interaction and some people just don’t learn that way. Also, massive open online courses tend to have small completion rates which will lead to a wide learning gap between students instead of the in-person learners according to the New York Times. When COVID hit students grades were suffering which was caused by COVID which was out of their control. For some students, it’s hard to just be put at home and supposed to just watch videos of the material you are supposed to learn. Students become uncomfortable and struggle to learn in this environment. According to USA TODAY  This student from Milwaukee has also had online school and had the same experiences and it was harder for her to stay motivated and learn.

Personally in my experience of online school, I hated it. I couldn’t focus and in the worst year of high school 100%, I lost all motivation. We had to attend class calls and you would just sit there while your teacher would talk to us then I would become bored quickly. Also, students started to become lazy and got a bad work ethic. I also fell behind in multiple classes which are affecting me today because we are now back in person.

If you ever have the thought of doing online school I would think twice before you make your choice because you get no human interaction which will affect your people skills for later in life and you only get lazier and stay in bed all day and you will definitely learn better in person than you do on a computer and your learning will be behind the others that stay in person and you also just won’t have as much fun because you are without your friends all year long.