From the spark, into a roaring flame


After touring with Bastille, Grizfolk released it’s debut EP From the Spark, February 25. It’s hard to describe their music because at times it sounded like southern-folk-rock’ish, while other times it was more electro-pop. I highly recommend it everybody to check them out because each song is a masterfully crafted, hard hitting, work of art. In my less than humble opinion this album is well worth time spent listening.

From the melodic strumming of  country-folk-rock, to the thumping beats of electro-pop “Hymnals” begins From The Spark off on a great note. Frontman Adam Roth has an edgy vocal tone, which definitely allows us hear his country roots, “Outside these walls we’re criminals / They chase us down, we’re singing hymnals.” The catchy hooks and boot-stomping guitar lines will get you dancing in your seat. Their single, “The Struggle” empowers us to realise how important our voices are; that we need to be heard, no matter how scary it may be, “Don’t turn around when you’re alone running in the dark / The struggle you are up against makes you what you are.”

Grizfolk changes things up with “Vagabonds”,  a song about struggling to find your place in life: “Oh this bag of bones, just wondering / Oh, nowhere to run, I guess we’re just falling / And we’re all just searching, not knowing where we’re going / And it makes us nervous so we try to find a way out.”  Grizfolk wraps up From The Spark showing off  their country music heritage in “Waiting For You”, a love song that will definitely have you dreaming of bonfires on chilly summer evenings.

Recently they released a new single entitled, “Way Back When”. You can find this song at the end of the new animated movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. This song is a great mix of electo-pop, rich vocals, booming cords, and nostalgia. Harkening back to the days of your childhood: “We’re superheroes and villains / When we used to pretend / We go wherever our minds will take us…Way Back When.” This robust song is a great addition to their, ever strong, repertoire.

This group of musicians have created an EP that definitely follows ‘quality over quantity’—each of these songs powerful enough to be singles on their own. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is in the mood for genre-bending, well-rounded music. You can purchase From the Spark on iTunes, and Amazon for $2.76.