What’s Up With Robert?

The strange phenomenon that is Robert Pattison.


Robert Pattison has been quite popular lately, partially due to a surge of Tik Toks about him, and the infamous kitchen photo. Maybe he’s just another British white boy actor, but no, he is far more. Robert is on a whole other level of intellect. Is he from another planet? Probably, because this man is strange. 

The journey starts with his interviews, Robert has the obscure talent to make any interview weird. On multiple occasions, Robert mentions how he feeling, his state of being. Such as, “I smell like a crayon.” Robert said in an interview with Allure. As well as “I think there’s a ballerina inside of me.” Robert said during a conversation with Jeniffer Lopez. Robert must think there’s a lot inside of him since during an interview he said, “I think there’s a gremlin inside of me.” He said this strange statement in response to a compliment of how charming he is. 

Not only does Robert smell like a crayon and has said “I’m living in a constant state of terror,” he also wanted to be a rapper. His name of choice? Big Tub. 

The most intriguing and simultaneously confusing thing about Robert Pattison is his stalker story. In 2019 he was shooting a movie in Spain, and since it’s Robert Pattison of course he had a stalker. This girl would stand outside his apartment week after week. Robert’s response to having a stalker is not out of character. “I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back,” said Robert.

Robert Pattison’s career in acting really took off after his role in the Twilight movies as Edward. After filming five movies he still didn’t like it. He thought at the beginning the book was something that shouldn’t have been published. Nonetheless, he still did the movies and brought a little sparkle to set. 

So why is Robert Pattison so famous? Was it the fact that he was a leash child? Who knows really, perhaps his brutal honesty is refreshing, or just what he says is just generally confusing. All things considered the Robert Pattison in the kitchen will hopefully become a costume staple.