The Queen’s Gambit

How a chess themed drama series became an instant success.

The Queen’s Gambit

The new Netflix series; Queen’s Gambit, released this October was an instant success. Even though it is a topic most cannot relate to. The seven-episode limited series explores Beth Harmon’s journey into adulthood. As an orphaned chess prodigy with addiction problems, the viewer is constantly on the edge of their seat.

When speculating how this series became popular it’s most likely since it is based on drama. Beth battles addiction from a very young age, trauma from her past that she is unable to understand, being a woman in the 1960s, and of course men. The plot thickens every minute, in addition to Beth being the sole provider for her adoptive mother and chess competition prize money is how they’re able to make a living.

Never-ending twists and turns in the plot leave you to keep clicking the play next episode. Things will go wrong when the stakes are at their highest. National security is at risk as well as a national victory. One day longer in a pill and alcohol-induced daze could lead to disaster.

Not just the plot was detailed, the different wardrobes were timely and detailed but didn’t draw attention away from Beth. With competitions all over intricate sets created a captivating atmosphere that pulls the viewer into Beth’s world. The cinematography and CGI were done impeccably and helped keep viewers absolutely fascinated with the world of chess. The screenwriting itself is astonishing, all thanks to director Scott Frank, a two-time Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as an award-winning screenwriter.

The constant cliff-hangers and dashing young men are most likely what landed Queen’s Gambit on Netflix’s Top Ten chart for 22 days straight. Though based around a seemingly mundane game; chess, the whirlwind of national and international competitions keep you glued to your screen. Recommended by many and watched by at least 62 million viewers, The Queen’s Gambit is a must-watch for the holiday season.