Fantasy football begins


When most people think of Autumn, they first think of carving pumpkins, Halloween candy, and football games under the lights every Friday night.


Then there is the select group who immediately think of Adrian Peterson vs. Arian Foster, the strength of the Bears pass defense and how well Wes Welker can fit in with Peyton Manning in Denver.


No, this is not just an obsession with the NFL. It is an obsession with Fantasy Football.


Following just one football team is a thing of the past. When one’s favorite team has the week off, fantasy football is there to relieve boredom. Loyal Green Bay disciples are no longer bored when the Packers have the week off; instead, Cheeseheads can intensely scrutinize their fantasy team’s performance on Sunday afternoon.


Some fans can’t find a perfect balance between supporting their real teams and their fantasy teams, however.


Junior Chris Halbur, who has been playing fantasy sports since his middle school days, said he finds it hard to root against his beloved Packers even when a Green Bay star is on his fantasy opponent’s roster.


“Fantasy can get in the way of rooting for the Packers. It’s a curse I have to deal with,” Halbur said.


“I probably spend 25 hours every day on fantasy football,” Halbur said. “On Sundays I’ll devote at least 26. It’s a full time occupation.”


Being obsessed with fantasy football can be a problem, however. The lack of control over one’s team can be nerve-wracking, and can even cause fans like Halbur to break down in tears.


“I’ve cried because of fantasy before,” Halbur said. “But who hasn’t? My tantrums typically consist of much more than crying, though. I’m talking full-blown emotional breakdown.”