Caffeine: who needs it?


I’m pretty sure the only thing that gets me through a whole day is caffeine. Even if I don’t have some in the morning, I’ll most likely make a Starbuck’s run or grab a soda after school to keep me awake. Caffeine in America today has practically become a symbol of success. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning and you’ll be alert and awake all day, but if you skip your “daily dose of caffeine” you’ll be sluggish and lazy. Then you’ll lose your job and no one will like you. Common energy drink industry knowledge.

I constantly see commercials for caffeine shots that are guaranteed to keep me awake all day and all night, which sounds pretty unhealthy to me. Why would I drink a shot of caffeine, do you know how much artificial energy is in that thing? Okay, well all of it is artificial energy. It’s still pretty gross though. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink it, to each their own, I just think that there are better ways to spike up your energy other than a caffeine shot.

Exercise, for one, is probably one of the best way to get energized. Doesn’t everyone get that post workout bliss? Not to mention that you don’t crash a few hours later, like what happens with caffeine. Actually, there is a difference between the kind of energy you get from caffeine and the kind you get from working out. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to increase your heart rate and blood flow. Exercise does the same in a much healthier way. It even causes your body to release endorphins, which in turn make you happy… did anyone else just quote Legally Blonde in their head?

Exercise spikes up your energy way more than any overly caffeinated energy drink. I do yoga, for example, and nothing leaves me more energized than a class of hot yoga. So for anyone out there who’s interested, I highly recommend trying hot yoga as a way of upping your energy.

In my opinion, some people need to lay off the caffeine. I just don’t get the point of energy drinks. Preferably I would drink a cup of coffee, but that’s close to the same idea. Still, energy drinks are gross to me. Its not that I don’t like caffeine, I practically live off of coffee, but the idea of caffeine energy shots and energy drinks just seems so unnatural and bad for your body. Exercise, coffee, and tea are all better choices than a caffeine shot.

Maybe coffee isn’t the best, but it’s better for you than energy drinks. Even eating an apple is said to be a great way to wake up your body. Or maybe a glass of water? There are so many healthier alternatives out there to spike up your energy, just skip the energy drinks and caffeine shots when you can.