There are few of those with it. There are even fewer of those who actually pull it off. Who are they? The ones with a flow. What is ‘the flow’ you may ask? ‘The flow’ is nothing but beautiful, luscious locks sitting on top of a male’s head in the most beautiful way imaginable.  A good flow is something indescribable. “It’s not how you wear the hair. It’s how the hair wears you,” says sophomore Jack heikens, a local flow enthusiast.

The flow is much more than just hair. It’s an ego. It’s sex appeal. It is what makes you. But what makes one decide to rock the flow in the first place? “Because #yolo$wegcashmoney,” says Grant Koehler, a former flow-wearer. Koehler had one of the most beautiful flows anyone in the school had witnessed before, built on an empire of girls, money, and those luscious locks. “I had to get rid of it though, because of the hair restrictions for hockey next year.” And when asked if it impacted his luck with the ladies he says, “Definitely less ladies have been letting me know since.”

Speaking of the ladies, senior Katharine Woodruff has strong opinions about the flow. “What do girls love the most? Themselves. And what does long haired men remind them of? Themselves.” There isn’t much else to say about that. You gotta give the ladies what they want, right? That’s exactly what they need. Though few can pull it off, those with flow have nothing but a bright future of beautiful locks in front of them.