Prom rejection at its finest


It’s prom season ladies and gents. ‘Tis the time for awkward dance moves and classy music to be playing in the background of some cute boy’s attempt to ask this girl he has been spying on to the dance. I think it is best to go with the first person who formally asks you, if you know them of course, but some people are more selective of the chosen partners for the evening. Either way, it’s a person’s choice to say yes or no. No one else should get to dictate on the matter at hand. I completely understand that some people are selective, and I may not completely agree, but it’s high school. So here are some creative ways to turn down a prom date.

So the guy is singing and mildly dancing to you ladies, right? It’s cute and classic and pretty much what every girl wants to happen to them at some point. But you don’t know the kid very well, so what do you do? Simply pick up the tune of the song and go along with lyrics saying, “Maybe if I knew you better this proposal would be snazzy, but I say no thanks, and shall go be more jazzy” while shaking your silly little jazz hands in the opposite direction. It is simple yet gets directly to the brutal and honest blow of rejection.

You’ve been hearing this girl wants to go to prom with you, but you have no desire to ask her. All of her friends have been hitting you up about it and you are getting rather tired of it all. Just give the poor girl a kit kat bar with a note and have the classic saying “Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar” written on it. Make sure to include a little edit at the end of the note that continues to say “or just stop bothering me about asking you to prom please”. She gets the candy, you get off the hook. The “please” at the end basically makes you a total gentlemen. Nice and easy, almost.

I mean, it is also pretty easy to say yes to a date. You just smile and say “yes” or “sure” or maybe even spice it up with “I’d love too!” or “That’d be awesome”. Saying yes is typically easier than saying no. And what’s the harm? Is your social reputation really going to be trashed by being nice and saying yes to someone who had the courage to ask you in the first place? Obviously there is something about you the other person likes, you could be flattered and accept whatever happens. Letting others around you influence your decision probably isn’t going to help the situation, so maybe just go with your instinct, whether or not your friends agree with you or not. Either way, it is YOUR CHOICE, not anyone else’s. So if you are going to turn down a date, at least spice it up a little bit and make the most of your rejection to your promposal.