Chipotle vs. Pancheros


Emma Stewart, Reporter

The infamous battle. A story that has captivated the nation and drawn in millions to their burrito bearing rivalry. Yes, I am talking about Chipotle versus Pancheros.

Here in Ames, these two restaurants are just down the road from each other, making a stressful choice for us consumers. But, one of the two always manages to stand just a little taller over the other.

I’m talking about the one and only Panch. While Chipotle has the same concept as Pancheros, their burritos just don’t compare. Pancheros is also the only burrito joint that has a $1 burrito special. I took the time to visit both restaurants and order the exact same thing from each to compare the two. It was a terrible experiment, having to eat two burritos and such.

First, I conquered Chipotle. I ordered a burrito with rice, chicken, shredded cheese, and guacamole (my go-to-burrito). The first bite was less than satisfying. The tortilla shell that encased my burrito was slightly dry and failed to hold in the innards of my meal. Upon further investigation, I found that the shredded cheese was unevenly distributed and difficult to taste. And then, to make matters worse, there was a giant pocket of guacamole in the bottom corner that completely overpowered the chicken and rice and spilled all over my basket. I was very depressed after that little occurrence.

Shaking off my dissatisfying meal, I proceeded to move onto the town favorite, Pancheros, the very next day. I once again, ordered my go-to-burrito (if you were wondering, guacamole is extra). Sitting down at the booth, I finally took a bite of the heavenly masterpiece that is the Panchero’s burrito. Pure satisfaction. The tortilla was warm and slightly doughy, creating the perfect cling to hold in all the ingredients of the the burrito. The shredded cheese was prominent and beautifully distributed. All the flavors meshed together perfectly, which only added to my satisfaction. This burrito fairly earned the title of bae-ritto.

In the battle between Chipotle v. Pancheros, the one who out-shined all was undoubtedly Panch. 10/10 would bae-ritto again.