It’s going down… I’m yelling Tinder


Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

In the beginning, there were hormones.

Then after a couple thousand of years, people got lazier and lazier. Yet, these hormones never left their bodies, but if anything, were intensified.
Getting out of those sweatpants to attend a social event to meet others became a great inner struggle. But those hormones stayed the course.

And now, for all those lazy crazy idiots, a shining light has appeared: Tinder.

Finally, a way to stay in your sweats as long as possible until actually having to interact socially! Finally, a way to avoid the annoying “getting to know you” stage and just judging off physical appearances! This is great. Right? RIGHT??


Tinder is just another example of where we have gone wrong. It gives one more argument to those that believe our generation is shallow and lazy. It proves that there’s that many people that will easily swipe left or right based off of what they think of 4 pictures you post.

I decided to see what this fuss was about, so I created a tinder. As I “explored” those near me, swiping left and right, an eerie feeling came over me as I realized that others could dismiss or keep my own profile.

But then came my first match. I began to ask people why they were on Tinder and received many responses such as, “Just to hook up”, “because I don’t have anyone in my life”, and many other things that made me cringe a little more inside.

Many conversations continued and ceased as I realized how awful this concept of Tinder truly is. Going out to actually meet people may be tough when ice cream and Netflix is an option, but you’ll get real-life interactions and possibly even a real relationship or friendship.

If you’re actually utilizing Tinder to increase your chances of hooking up or meeting a potential significant other, I would highly suggest re-evaluating your life decisions. Unless you have created an account to completely troll or test out some cool new pickup lines before you use them on bae, just don’t.