Your perfect Halloween thriller: Gone Girl


Emma Stewart, Reporter

Gone Girl is the perfect thriller to go see this spooky Halloween weekend. It’s a twisted movie, and not just because of an endless amount of plot shifts that unfold in every scene. Based off the book, the movie is about the search for Amy Dunne, a woman who mysteriously disappears from her home. It follows her husband Nick, who gets pinned for her disappearance and suspected murder.  While Gone Girl fools the viewer with a stereotypical thriller beginning, the movie’s complicated plot is anything but a stereotype.

Gone Girl is a very messed up movie. A lot of the moments are cringe-worthy, whether it be jarring graphic violence or very “out there” nudity. Although the violence and nudity isn’t that excessive, the scenes that include them are pretty (erm) uncensored. I wouldn’t recommend it to a high school student who would not label themselves as mature. Other than a select few explicit scenes, Gone Girl is a brilliant movie (props to author Gillian Flynn). Usually mystery movies are painfully predictable and end with the bad guy being brought to justice, but that doesn’t happen here.

Gone Girl also brings to light a very tough feminist subject: Men expecting women to fit their perfect image. Although it does so in a slightly creepy way (for lack of a better term). Amy is a character that at first comes across as someone VERY dedicated to the feminists appeal, but things take a turn for the worst. Her opinions of the cool girl mold (as she calls it) are actually pretty thought provoking and deserve some attention. Why? Well, you’ll just have to go see it if you want to find out.