How to be fashionable and a guy

How to be fashionable and a guy

Tim Kim, Reporter

Boys fashion in Ames High is a joke. Majority of the female students of Ames High will most likely to agree with the previous statement.

Sam Egberth, a junior and one of the best dresser of Ames High, describes how people are like in PE clothes all day long. It is almost as if  they don’t care about how they look, instead they are going for all comfort.

Crocs can burn.

For a while, there was a huge hype around khakis. People thought wearing khakis will bring their style points by a lot, but it simply is not true. Yes, wearing khakis can bring up your style points, but if you are wearing it wrong it just throws off the whole vibe and you end up looking like a grocery store worker.

Also, just wearing expensive clothes will not automatically make you a good dresser. It requires thought and skill to accomplish a great look.

Here are some tips on how to dress better. Always try to find clothes that fit. Unless you are going for a baggy look, don’t get baggy clothes. Especially for pants as a lot of guys wears baggy pants. In my opinion, always try to go for slim/skinny pants as they look the best.

But most importantly dress the way you want. Express your feelings with your clothes. Go wild (follow dress code).