The Secret to Motivation in Athletics


Elizabeth Jackson, Reporter

Ames High School offers a wide variety of sports that students are able to participate in. There are sports offered in the fall, winter, spring, and summer and the athleticism doesn’t end there. Not only are there clubs for sports, but there are numerous resources available for athletes who want to improve their skills and stay physically fit throughout the year.

Though I have dabbled in many sports, my main motivation has been from the PE exemption and the quality time to spend with friends. Of course staying active is important to me too, as well as making my various coaches proud in their guidance and strategy. But many Ames High athletes are motivated by passion and the desire to be the best. Throughout my four years at Ames High, there have been many stand-out athletes in a variety of sports, that have impressed me, and my peers by their determination and focus.

Balancing schoolwork and finding the motivation to succeed in sports is challenging, but for many athletes, the motivation to do well comes naturally. Dibu Kumar is well-known for being an outstanding Ames High soccer player, and he also has been a part of Ames Soccer Club. He’s been perfecting his skills since the age of three when he began playing soccer. Sticking with a sport for over a decade isn’t easy, but when asked what motivates him, Dibu replied, “I’m motivated by my love for the game. Because I enjoy playing and practicing a lot, my game improves as a result.”  

For others, people can be the greatest motivators. Wanting to make friends and family proud, results in a feeling of accomplishment that pushes one to succeed. Ryan Weiss is a titan of Ames High, participating in cross country, basketball, and track. She began running back in the fourth grade, joining the Ames Impact Track Club (otherwise known as All American), and practicing with the high school cross country team back in the seventh and eighth grade. Ryan claims to have “came out of the womb dribbling a basketball” and has played on many basketball teams, including All Iowa Attack. There have been many supporters of Ryan’s endeavors and this has motivated her to become a well-rounded and successful athlete.

According to Ryan, “ My teammates and coaches push me to improve every day. I have a strong inner drive to succeed. Ever since I was little, my older brothers and I have always been very competitive. My parents also push me to be my best in every aspect of my life.”

Many students have been in awe of the success athletes like Dibu and Ryan have achieved, and wonder how they have been able to motivate themselves. Athletes can’t just rely on natural ability, they work hard to improve and to be their best. The motivation they have can come from within, and from those who surround them. This motivation isn’t important in just athletics but can be applied to life as well.