Tiktok: Is it worth the hype?

Tiktok: Is it worth the hype?

Fourteen missing assignments, fifteen new due dates, and two essays to write in the span of three days–the workload of a high school student. 165 unread emails and a big fat pile of dirty laundry scattered across their bedroom floor. Spending all their time on TikTok, and with only 24 hours in a day, it’s impossible to find any time to get things done. I’m just now getting off tiktok to write this, btw.

In 2014 the app “Musical.ly” was introduced. This app had a large US audience, and a considerable amount of influencers. After this app was terminated, Musical.ly users needed another vessel to find their entertainment. Tiktok took the cake. Though many first downloaded it as a “joke,” it has now become a part of their everyday routine. The addicting app makes it so easy to scroll for hours, procrastinating homework and chores in the process.

The Idea of TikTok is that the videos that you see on your “for you page” are fit to be the kind of videos that you like to watch. This brilliant system is called the tiktok “algorithm,” sucking you in to keep watching the content TikTok has anticipated you to enjoy.

Junior Sam Keenan is an extensive TikTok user. “It would be hard for me to say everything I have learned from TikTok,” he said. “It seems as if every day I go on there, I am enlightened with some kind of fun fact or new trend.”

Through TikTok, teenagers have a safe space to speak their minds freely. Along with this new found freedom, comes the possibility of coming across any video that may randomly pop up on their for you page. Many of these videos can house sensitive topics, or PG content that might require a more mature audience.

“I know some of my friends that struggle with body positivity and mental health issues in general can be affected by a lot of the stuff on the app,” Keenan said. “It is hard to control because you can virtually post anything on the app, for anyone to see.”

Some videos on TikTok don’t always have the best intentions, and like Sam mentioned, could possibly put negative or triggering thoughts into the minds of the viewers. On the other hand, In many ways it is a two-way street. Some sides of TikTok are very uplifting, and have proven to personally help viewers either gain more confidence in themselves, or have a good laugh at something funny. 

Good or bad, TikTok has forever influenced the lives of our younger generations. Whether it’s used for people to find new, helpful information, or used for simply making funny videos with their friends, the addicting app truly has something for anyone and everyone to enjoy. So if you haven’t already, go make an account… you won’t regret it. Or will you?