Tasty Tuesday: Lockwood Review


Lily Lupardus

Lily Lupardus enjoyed using Lockwood’s typewriter to produce this article’s title.

Iced Chai Tea Latte – Sam Keenan

I and a few other staff members were the first to arrive at Lockwood. We parked on the side street and walked up and around the conventional and sustainable outdoor seating area. Posted on the door was a sign: “Masks required to enter.”I appreciate this safety precaution taken, especially since the area inside is a pretty confined space. We walked in and glanced over the small but mighty menu. After reading through the descriptions of a few drinks, I decided to go with a staple, something hard to mess up, an iced chai tea latte. After Sofia and I ordered, we walked into the art display. The scene was set at a beach, and for a moment, it felt like we had escaped the harrowing winter and piercing winds of February in Iowa.
After a few minutes of playing sand volleyball with my bestest friend ever, Sofia, our drinks were called. I ordered the smallest size as a precaution in case I hated it. Just one sip in, I was gladly surprised. It wasn’t too spicy, like some chai’s can be. It wasn’t perfect either. I can’t put my finger on where it went wrong, but there was just something off. I really enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, there was just something off. It was really good, just not perfect. 

Overall Rating: 8/10 

The Web staff stands in the art display at Lockwood Cafe after enjoying some (mostly) delicious food and drinks. (Sophia Cordoba)

Masala Dosa – Varun Prasanna

When people think of Indian food, their first instinct is usually Naan and Butter Chicken. That is a cuisine that is from North India. India is a country with many states, each state speaking its own language and cuisine. Masala Dosa is from South India, specifically Tamil Nadu, the state my ancestry is from. Alright, enough of the geography lesson.

I grew up eating Masala Dosa at home and loved also chowing down on it when I got the chance at any South-Indian Restaurant.

The Masala Dosa came with a filling of peas, potatoes, masala powder, spices, and herbs. It was fried on a metal stone (pan) and cut in half and put in a box. When I took a bite, I was expecting it to be an ok taste, nothing great, just eh. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The flavors melted in my mouth with a nice slight buttery aftertaste (most likely Ghee/clarified butter). The sides they gave (mint-chutney and another form of chutney) were a little lacking in punch in the dish, but it more than made up for the dosa.

The price was just reasonable enough. I think any higher might have been excessive. 

Overall 8/10, a very good dosa.

Almond Biscotti- Sophia Cordoba 

Ever since the opening of Lockwood Café, I have been a huge fan. I can always count on Reliable Street to be hosting some fascinating art display within the walls of the abandoned factory. This past week, it was an interactive display: walls lit by a pink-purple sunset, sand, and a beachball. The perfect landscape for a stress-relieving getaway in the midst of the never-ending Iowan winter. Not only is the art set-up exciting, but so is the eating area. With a variety of chairs, couches, and stools, it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends, study, and enjoy a treat.  

I’m not sure why I ordered a biscotti. In nearly every café, the pastry is stiff and unsavory. No one would ever go to a coffee shop purely for a biscotti. Yet, seeing as it was the first (and cheapest) thing I saw, I ordered it anyway. I’m glad I did so. For once, the initial bite didn’t require effort. It was soft, with gentle almond flavoring and sugar gracing my tastebuds. I finished it quickly and longed for more. A welcome surprise from perhaps the most welcoming café in town. 

Overall Rating: 10/10


Iced Tea + Lavender Lemonade – Lily Lupardus

If you’re not a person who enjoys elaborate drinks, either the black iced tea or the lavender lemonade are the drinks for you. Both cool and refreshing, they are the perfect drinks for a warm summer day. The iced tea has a very mild taste, perfect if you like plain tea or adding sugar. The lemonade has the right balance of sweet and sour, and the hint of lavender makes it unique and memorable. The lemonade isn’t the only thing that’s unique, either. The building and, for lack of a better term, vibe, of the area, is something unmatched in Ames. Lockwood has built a community through hosting events for various different groups and is welcoming to anyone who comes through the doors. 

Overall rating: 10/10

Leola and Lily both enjoyed their gluten-free monster cookies. (Sophia Cordoba)

Gluten Free Monster Cookie- Leola Almquist

I’m always skeptical when ordering anything labeled “gluten-free,” especially baked goods. The monster cookie at Lockwood was the first thing that caught my eye, showcased in a glass case on the counter. I know it’s not always wise to judge a book (cookie) by its cover, but the appearance was what drove me to buy it. The taste lived up to its appearance. It had a perfectly crisp outer layer and chewy inside. Lockwood’s gluten-free monster cookie is one to try. 

Overall Rating: 10/10


Mango Lassi – Humza Maqsood

Now I’m not usually critical about what I eat or drink, this sin was simply unforgivable. For ruining an outstandingly beautiful and classic drink with deep cultural roots, I must give Lockwood Cafe the dreaded 0/10. I went in expecting to buy a mocha or maybe an americano. Rather than trying something crazy, it’s important that a cafe can nail the basics before they move on to the advanced drinks. I, however, found myself entranced by the Mango Lassi on the menu, and just had to try it. For better or worse, I was going to try the Mango Lassi. What a mistake. 

Traditionally, Mango Lassi is made from fresh, sweet, juicy, mangoes, with yogurt, milk, and sugar. Lockwood Cafe, however, decided to take it upon themselves to add cardamom in the Lassi. I’ve asked several different families and relatives around the world if they add cardamom in their Mango Lassi. Unsurprisingly, no. The answer was no. They added a shit load of cardamom too. If it was a sprinkle for flavor, I’d understand, heck I might even like it, but I tasted more cardamom than I did mango. I would rather call it Cardamom Lassi than Mango Lassi. Get your act together, Lockwood Cafe. This is simply unacceptable. 

Overall Rating: 0/10


Iced Caramel Latte & Almond Biscotti – Joshua Casady

My go-to drink at any coffee shop is an iced caramel latte which is why I was slightly disappointed at how average the latte was at Lockwood. It was a perfectly fine drink, at a reasonable price of $4, but there wasn’t anything about it that I enjoyed more or less than caramel lattes from other coffee shops. The almond biscotti however was very good, and at the low price of $2 I can definitely see myself going back to Lockwood again. Overall Lockwood wasn’t the best coffee shop I’ve been to, but I thought it was a positive experience.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Bennett Anderson sits down with Leola and Lily to enjoy Lockwood’s food. (Sophia Cordoba)

Scone & Coffee & Vibes – Bennett Anderson

Looking back on this quick visit the coffee and scone really weren’t anything too special. Although good, they were no better in my opinion than most other stand-alone coffee places produce, while still bypassing the expectations of most chains. What you really go to Lockwood for is the environment. Great people, a fun atmosphere loaded with personality, and recurring support for community events bring the cafe to an easy 9, if not 10/10.


Lockwood’s really fruity. The art is awesome. I love the piano and the vibes. The workers wear Doc Martens and they’re all really hot. That helps. I wanna kiss the barista on the mouth. – Jack Wanamaker, guest review


Coldbrew – Sofia Mamakos

The welcoming atmosphere and natural light of Lockwood never fail to brighten my day. The lady was nice yet her mood changed, however, when I ordered a cold brew. Her brow furrowed and her eyes glanced toward the fridge. “I think we’re out,” she said, defeated.

“I’ll check.” In a final attempt to salvage a potential tip she reached into the fridge and looked for the glass container labeled “cold brew.”

Her face lit up and her shoulders relaxed as she saw the sliver of brown liquid settled at the bottom, her fingerprints visibly rupturing the moist condensation that dripped onto the tile floors.

“It’s enough for a small!” she declared in triumph. “Perfect,” I said, even though it wasn’t enough, even for a small.

I would say the glass was half full but that would be a lie. The last thing I want to do is lie to you guys, my trusty readers, and fellow peers. So I’m going to have to say that it was half empty. The brown liquid did not reach the rim of the small plastic cup. But besides that point, it was absolutely incredible. Smooth and bitter just how I like my cold brew and my men.

Overall Rating: 10/10