The Battle for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


Dough of the winning cookies.

I have been baking and cooking for as long as I can remember, but I have always just used a random recipe on pinterest for staple recipes, forget to pin it and use a different one next time. My goal with this series of battles among recipes is to find the perfect recipe for the basics, like chocolate chip cookies.


At the bottom is the chocolate chip cookies from @eatsbynat on TikTok. These had a very basic flavor, which weren’t bad but didn’t wow me. I loved the crisp on the outside, but because of the massive size and being baked at high temperature for a short time, the cookies were browned quite a bit before the inside was done. I pulled them out of the oven anyway, and found a completely raw center. I kept them in the fridge for storage and had to bake them again when I wanted to eat one because I couldn’t even bite into them, they were so solid. Even after being baked again, they were still raw in the center. For these reasons, I gave it a 5/10. Find the recipe here


In fourth place was Kylie Jenner’s cookie recipe. The dough was quite soft and they spread a lot in the oven, making these one of the least visually appealing. I did, however, like how there weren’t a ton of chocolate chips and they had a nice crispy outside with a soft inside. One thing I especially liked was the amount of salt added in the cookies, which enhanced the flavor. 7/10. Find the recipe here.


In third place were the chewy cookies from These were super buttery with the perfect amount of chocolate chips. They were a little one note, but not bad in the least. My biggest issue with these cookies is that they did not deliver on the promise that they would be chewy. They were crispy on the outside with a pretty soft inside, which once again, was not bad, but not what I wanted out of this specific cookie recipe. 7.5/10. Find the recipe here.


The runner up is the chocolate chip cookie recipe from @flakeysalt on TikTok. These were really crispy with a soft center and a nice amount of chew around the outside. I loved how it had chopped chocolate instead of actual chocolate chips. I feel it made the distribution of chocolate much better and a cohesive flavor, rather than just tasting cookies and then chocolate. They were picture perfect, as well. They had the classic chocolate chip flavor that everyone loves, but I was missing a little complexity. 9/10. Find the recipe here.

Winning cookies.


The winner of this round’s battle is the “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” from These cookies used browned butter and a great amount of salt, which really gave me the flavor that I was looking for. These cookies were stunning and would absolutely impress anybody you serve them to. These also used chopped chocolate, which once again, gave it a beautiful chocolate distribution. My only issue with these cookies is that they have just a touch too much vanilla extract for my taste, but that’s a very easy fix. I give these a 9.8/10. Find the recipe here.