Anonymous Roast Session


Sam Stuve, Reporter

Anonymous Roast Season

By: Sam Stuve

Alright y’all, I know y’all are struggling with your finals. We all are. It sucks. But i’m here provide you with some harmless comedic relief. So here are statements from random Ames High students and “roast” responses from other random Ames High students. Hopefully this will cheer y’all up after those finals tests’. Here we go!


  1.  “Adidas is better than Nike.”


“Only elite athletes wear Nike so If you think Adidas is better so therefore that does not make you an elite athlete.”

  1. “Professional sports are better to watch than College sports.”


“That’s dumb. You watch the professionals slack off all the time and don’t even play the real way everyone was taught growing up. In college you get the best of the fundamentals of the sports and the players playing as a TEAM and in the pro’s a lot of players are selfish.”

  1. “Cross Country is better than Track.”


“That statement is simply not true. In Track it’s not only you out there running for yourself all the time, you have teammates that can boost your placement in the competition in certain events. Also in Cross Country their is only running, in Track their are other events you can compete in that’s why it is called TRACK AND FIELD!”

  1. “Finsta is a bad idea.”


“Finsta is used for fun and games and until someone ruins that for us then it is not a bad idea.”

  1. “Hulu is much more convenient compared to Netflix.”


“Well the only reason you think it’s more convenient is because you are very impatient.
Hopefully this brought a smile to your face and I wish you the best of luck on your finals this semester. Have a great summer!