Junior Melanie “Melalong” Long


Melanie “Melalong” Long is a junior at AHS who embodies the word ‘adorable’ with a quirky, food-loving twist. She does Cross Country, dance, band, and National Honor Society.

Long is also a Batman fan. “Like, a BIG Batman fan. I own a Batman shirt, Batman pants, Batman converse, and Batman socks. With capes!” Regrettably, she does not own a mask to complete the costume.

In addition to being a die-hard fan of Batman, Long is a die-hard foodie.

“I love the Pammel Grocery gyros!” said Long. Long also loves potatoes, and food in general.

Melanie is also an honorary member of the Peterson family, a convenient and enjoyable escape from her Boone residence. “She has her own side of the bed,” said Junior Makenna Peterson.

“And my own toothbrush, PJs, and blankets,” added Long. “I don’t feel safe in Boone; lots of the people are hicks or hillbillies with cowboy boots and glittery belt buckles. Even the guys. In Ames, all I have to worry about are shady college students in Cafe Diem.”

According to Junior and WEB editor Ella Bartlett, Long’s cowardice goes beyond Boone city limits. After an APUSH study session, Long discovered that in case of fight or flight, her reaction is flight. “I… I hid,” Long said.

Quick facts:
Favourite Colour: Black
Spirit animal: ADHD Sloth
Celebrity crush: RDJ
Favourite thing ever: Ian Kolb’s Butt (“It’s just so.. round,” said Long, making a circular motion with both hands.) (Visit its Facebook page now!)
Secret talent of Ian Kolb: (that we could not have “He used to be really good at opening doors with his feet!”