Serena Paulson, Reporter


On Tuesday, April 8th, riots on ISU’s campus led to cancellation of VEISHEA activities after 5 pm Wednesday. Large masses of people from a broken-up party made a difficult time for the police.

At least two cars were flipped, multiple street signs taken, and two light poles taken down, and one man was seriously injured when the light pole fell on his head.

Two of the three people arrested in conjunction with the riots were students at ISU, but out-of-towners partook as well.

“It kind of sucks since so many people got in trouble and a lot of people who were there don’t go to ISU,” Senior Alexa Trickle said. “It ruins VEISHEA for everyone else just because they acted stupidly.”

Lots of participants coming from out of town believe that VEISHEA is just a big party, which in turn encourages inappropriate behavior that the police departments of Ames and ISU have to deal with.

A press conference held on Wednesday 9 at 1:30 announced that all VEISHEA activities would be canceled starting at 5 PM that day.

What this means for future is uncertain, as the previous cases, such as in 2004, ended up with a cancellation in the next year as well.

The potential cancellation of future VEISHEA’s worries new ISU students.

“I’m sad that VEISHEA was canceled, but it was appropriate given what has happened,” said senior Lynn Keren.

Not only was the partying part of VEISHEA, suspended but the fun and safe day events as well.

“I’m sad because now I can’t go to all the activities and neither can little kids, who definitely wouldn’t be rioting,” future Iowa State student Matthew Klocke said.

“I wish there was still VEISHEA because I liked the parade and the activities, but not the pies.” senior Kevin Hanlin added.

The Iowa State administration has said that they will try to have a plan for next year, including whether or not VEISHEA will continue, before the end of the semester. In the meantime, many current, future, and former students, as well as business owners and community members, will wait with bated breath.