This new club is off the scales


AJ Foegen, Online Editor

Though there are many clubs in the halls of Ames High that can suit your fancy, the Ames High Fishing Club is one of the newest clubs to come into fruition this year. The club was founded by seniors William Hays and Jonathan Blakeley, along with the help of Don Williams.

When asked how he got the club together, Hays said, “Jon and I had Mr. Williams as one of our instructors in DriveTek, and he said it was always something he wanted to have in the school. Jon and I decided to finally make it a thing this year.” Fishing club is seen as an escape from the monotonous high school life.

Hays said, “While fishing is our main topic, we all enjoy sharing a liking of just being outdoors.”

And it’s not only students who are interested in the club; a lot of teachers have shown interest themselves. “We’ve had all kinds of support from teachers at the high school. Some are even asking about going on our first trip with us,” said Hays.

Speaking of trips, the fishing club’s first trip is next week, as the crew heads to northern Iowa near Clayton county. Hays also said that they’re hoping to have an ice fishing trip in the future near McFarland Park.

Though they don’t have too many members, they’re always looking for more. “The club isn’t just for people who like to fish, it’s for people who want to learn how to fish as well. You don’t even need a pole, just show up,” says Hays. If you’re interested in checking out the fishing club, head to Mr. Williams’ room upstairs in 203 at 8:00 on Wednesdays.