Bar La Tosca

Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

Bar la Tosca doesn’t suck. As a mediterranean and italian restaurant, it has a wide variety of food options. This new restaurant has taken over the beloved Lucullan’s Italian Grill and has gone back to more Italian food roots. I ordered the Pasta Mista, which was a tasty platter that consisted of a lasagna type noodle and had a nice flavored sauce. Fellow web staff member, senior AJ Foegen, is an avid lover of this worldly cuisine. Foegen got the penne, and claims the ravioli was “hella good.”

The waiting staff was pleasant, and were very good at being accountable for the tables they were serving, even though the restaurant was bouncing. The layout of the business was friendly, very welcoming and would be a great place to hang out with friends.

What I thought was a great part of the experience was incorporating ingredients from local Iowan ingredients, and adding the desired italian flavor.

The entire restaurant is what I expected it to be. It was average. It was what anyone is going to want from an Italian food place. If you like enjoyable and slightly overpriced meals, I highly recommend you go to Bar la Tosca.