Fashion Show Club


Shelby Reeves, Lifestyle Editor

You’ve heard of the fashion show, so get ready for THE FASHION SHOW CLUB.

Every spring, the most fashion forward Ames High students gather in the auditorium in a grand spectacle of luxurious fabrics, bizarre headpieces and glamour to showcase their best creations. Models cram backstage speaking in hushed whispers while junior executives shout into walkie-talkies. Designers rush to mend fraying hems or smudged makeup. Judges discuss their recent trips to New York or Paris. The energy is electric.

This year the senior executives made a bold move by expanding the activities of the fashion show production to include more club activities. Last year’s show ended with 101 participants, making it the largest show on record. Senior Thea Brenner is excited to announce that early interest in the show is right at 100 people.

“The amount of underclassmen already interested is absolutely wild,” says Brenner. “With returning designers and upperclassmen added to the mix, we’re pretty confident this year will top last year.” Portobello Road, a popular local campustown boutique, has agreed to be the business sponsor for the show and is drawing lots of attention.

“It’s a very independent model, so we’re looking to expand what we do this year more to make it feel like a club, which is what we technically are. The show itself is the endgame, but everything that leads up to it is what really makes it special,” Thea says. She goes on, fondly recalling her past shows. Last year, Fashion Week was introduced, which was widely successful.

“We sort of stole VIP day from the seniors and had Vashion Vensday, where we asked everyone to be as fashionably bizarre as possible. There were lots of fun outfits. The rest of the week was hyping up the show to increase attendance, and it worked,” gushes Brenner. The show was able to double their goal of $275 to send a girl to school through Heifer International.

With plans to meet for social events and talks of a scarecrow competition (details are reserved until further notice), this year, the fashion show is now much more than the catwalk.