Quiet in the MC


A common scene in the MC

There is a reason librarians are traditionally portrayed as the people who only show up when someone is being loud, only to shush them or kick them out.  The reason is that libraries are supposed to be quiet spaces.

I am in the media center first and second lunch, because my circadian rhythm is whacked up and I eat lunch around three, so I am there to see everything that goes on, and what I am noticing is that people have forgotten that libraries are meant to be hushed.  Now, I understand that sometimes people don’t realize that they are being loud, and I know I’ve kicked my volume up several notches when talking about sharks without realizing it, but the issue currently is that these people do not quiet down when asked to- one person even flipped me off when I asked them to please tone it down!

Call me a stick up my butt traditionalist if you like, but libraries, by the definition of the word, are meant for study, just as much as doctor’s offices are meant for medical procedures.  If you want to study in a quiet space you go to a library, if you want to get a flu vaccine you go to doctor’s offices.  There are other places to do both of these things, but the primary locations for the activities are still the traditional buildings.

Sticking it to the man by defying traditions is all well and good, but some traditions have reasons for being and in this case the reason is being respectful of others.  As high schoolers we should be capable of doing this.