Guns or No Guns?


The White House

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Megan Hofer, Reporter

In the United States there are many people who are way more than willing to share their political opinions with others. There is a constant pressure to have an opinion of either Liberal or Conservative. The thought of ever having a happy medium seems unrealistic and distant. For example, the liberal view of gun control is to take away all guns, so there will be a chance the number of shootings and assaults with guns would decrease. Conservatives on the other hand disagree. Being as traditional as they are, they believe that the 2nd amendment should not be overlooked. Conservatives say that guns create a sense of security for them and their families. Those are both very radical views and there is a lot to consider while choosing a stance. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a side does not need to be chosen. Sometimes the best idea is a compromise.

The question that seems to baffle the United States is whether or not the bad things associated with guns are actually the fault of the gun itself. In the United States buyers are not required to have a gun license to own a gun. They are only required to have a license if they would like to carry it on their person. Also, when somebody buys a gun from a store they will have to fill out necessary paperwork. It asks if the person has any mental issues (has been admitted into a mental institution), if they have been convicted of domestic abuse, if they are an illegal alien, and if they have been in prison for 1 or more years in the past. The only problem with this form is that the sellers do not actually verify this information to be true. They are not allowed to perform background checks on the buyers of guns. Are murderers capable of lies? It seems the answer to that is quite obvious. Not only is the form itself an issue, but also there is an issue of private selling. If a buyer decides to purchase a gun from a personal seller they will not have to fill out a form. The seller is allowed to judge the buyer by how they personally view them. Another thing is that people do not have to register their gun unless it is an NFA weapon. NFA weapons are considered very dangerous, and are not usually used by citizens. Regular guns, such as shotguns or handguns do not need to be registered. This is not the fault of the weapon, but the fault of the government being a slacker. Would anyone want to have a criminal, someone who was trustworthy in the eyes of a seller, to be able to have an unregistered gun?

The best option for America on the issue of gun control is not to take away guns but to help regulate who has them. Allow people to have them as self defense. Allow background checks on the information that they give when buying a gun at a store. Give individual sellers forms and directions to finding a trustworthy buyer of their gun. Make sure that every gun that has been bought is registered. Make it so that every gun owner needs a license. Have a written test and a hands-on test to buy a gun.

People who care about their self defense and their rights, going back to the 2nd Amendment, should be willing to go through that process. This way both Liberals and Conservatives will get what they want, lower shooting rates and continued respect for the 2nd Amendment.