Cockroaches, Where are you going, Where have you been?

Cockroaches, Where are you going, Where have you been?

Queen Victoria, Reporter

I first interviewed Srishti Mathur, my first question was “Am I pronouncing your name correctly” she answered “oh god no.” My second question was “have you ever heard of the cockroaches at the high school.” She Replied “no.” My third question was “have you heard of them at all.” She replied “nope.” For my final question  I asked her “do you think there are cockroaches at the high school”. She replied “nope.”


I then interviewed Sonja Paulson. My first question for her was, “Have you ever seen cockroaches at the high school?” She replied, “No, I have seen spiders though.” I asked her, “Do you think there are cockroaches at the high school?” She replied, “Definitely this place is nasty, I love Ames high though.” I then asked her if she had heard anybody talk about cockroaches at the high school. She replied “Yes I have, that’s why we should not have food in our lockers, however I don’t even know my locker combination so that’s not a problem for me.”


Next I interviewed Lisa Cochran. I first asked her if she’d ever seen or heard of any cockroaches in the high school. She said she’d seen one in the bathroom and on the balcony. While she has also heard talk about them, she hasn’t seen them recently. I then asked her, ”Do you think the cockroaches at school are a problem. She replied “[They are] obviously not a problem I mean there is no infestation to my knowledge.” “I have heard of them being in the high school and I’ve also seen them and I think already that their existence is already a problem because cockroaches are really gross.” Sonja Paulson also added during this interview that we could just make all of our cockroaches pets like they do and in Orange is the new black. “And we can make them send messages.” Said Lisa. “ We can talk to each other in class!”


In conclusion, I personality don’t believe the cockroaches are a problem the high school. All I have ever heard were stories, it seems as though they are just tall tales, a legend, a myth. There is absolutely no reason to think that this school is unsafe, it is very clean.