Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes

Srishti Mathur, Reporter

With each season comes a new set of trends. Things to eat, to do, to celebrate, etc. The most prominent change however, is without a doubt, clothing. As the temperature continues to drop, more and more leggings, boots, and jackets grace the population of the sub-zero climate.

There are also those who cling to their warmer lifestyles like a lifeboat. Blatantly refusing to succumb to the cold, instead choosing to brave the elements in their open shoes and skimpy sweatshirts. On the other end of the spectrum are those who dive into the warm layers of clothing with enthusiasm. Sporting their winter jackets throughout the day, they embrace the cold weather with open arms.

As we delved deeper into winter months, people don on their jackets, boots, gloves, scarves, and hats, in a fight against the cold. As pinks and yellows fade with the weather, darker colors arise, such as dark green and black and grey.

With each passing winter, new inventions are created to fit our needs. As more pockets fill with the smartphone, more gloves are being created phone-friendly. This allows people to use their phones in the cold without having to force their fingers to face the cold.

Once the weather begins to warm, the coats and boots and gloves are put away and traded for a whole new set of attire. Like any season, there are some who embrace the leaving of winter with open arms, and others who cling to their scarves and hats.