Students Feeling the Bern with Bernie Club


Lucas Bleyle, Diversions Editor

Behind the scenes of Bernie Sanders’ sudden surge in Iowa is a force of hardworking volunteers, some of whom are members of the Ames High Bernie Club. Senior Joey Bingham started this club after noticing that high schoolers were feeling the Bern. “There is this huge support base at Ames High school and they have no idea how to help, and I just wanted to give people an outlet and a way to help even if they didn’t have time just show support for Bernie Sanders in some way,” said Joey

      According to Joey the first goal of the club is to educate. He notes that he encourages non-Bernie supporters to come to the club and be taught about politics and the important issues of 2016, so even if they don’t choose Bernie they will be more informed voters in the future..

“The second part of the education was telling people and teaching people that even though you can’t go out and caucus, even though you’re not old enough to go out and vote, your voice still matters and there are ways to get it heard,” said Joey.

One of the ways that the club has been doing this is organizing groups of high school volunteers to go out and canvass, make phone calls, and door knock with the Bernie Sanders’ campaign, head-quartered at 303 Main Street. Joey stresses that the voice of the youth is of utmost importance.

“What we need to realize is that for the government to listen to us, we have to say something and that our apathy is just feeding more into the issues we want to end,” said Joey. “That is why I think it’s so important to get involved from a young age because the world that the people are going to be voting on is the world that we are going to live in.”

So come and let your voice be heard. Talk to Joey about joining the Bernie Sanders club and the larger political revolution.

“Educate yourself and get the word out there that I support Bernie Sanders,” concludes Joey.”He is the people’s candidate and he needs the people.”