How to do the Summer

Sabrina Lang, Profiles Editor

Summer, the truly most wonderful time of the year, is just around the corner. Some high schoolers will be sent to stay with relatives, others to various camps every week, and there’s also the ones who hop from vacation to vacation in the warm months of the year. But then there’s the ones like me.IMG_8787

If you’re like me, you are the ones who plan long weekend trips. Even if it’s just three hours away to see your best friend because her boyfriend just broke up with her and she needs a girls night, or a road trip to the other side of the country with a bunch of your closest homies to visit your other homie while he’s learning the ways of the Air Force and you couldn’t be more proud of him. But you’re really surprised at how attractive his girlfriend is.

But maybe you simply want to pack up a bunch of people you love in a car and drive an hour away to spend a hot sticky day at a cool waterpark. You really want to go back to this particular waterpark because last summer you bought a sweatshirt there, and this summer you cannot for the life of you locate its whereabouts.

Some of you, though, may want a simple day walking around downtown Ames, sipping a delicious iced chai latte from Cafe Diem. Let’s not forget the notorious bonfires and days at the pool.

But to do these things, you will need:


  1. An ample supply of money: If you’re like me and Daddy doesn’t have a very big bank account for you to access everyday all the time, get a job. Work during the week. It’s super rewarding and encourages responsible spending.
  2. Friends. Family. Acquaintances. Whomever. You need people. It cuts the costs of everything in half and beautiful memories can be made.
  3. Common sense. If you only have enough money to get to Waterloo, don’t try to drive to Texas. If you’re driving, don’t speed. Money is already a problem, why risk a ticket? Be smart, be safe. Don’t cause an accident.
  4. Have fun. None of this should be too stressful. Enjoy your summer.

*A parent’s permission before taking off on numerous summer adventures are always encouraged, but hey, it’s your life.*