Winter Where Ya At


Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

While people would be bracing themselves for the harsh Iowa winter by this time of year, most of us have noticed that it is much warmer than it has been these past years. By the end of November, the first snowfall has usually passed and temperatures are below 0. We should be trudging around in knee high snow in our winter gear, begging for summer to return but instead we are left wondering where winter is at. This is not just noticeable in the midwest where winter is severe, but all over the nation.

Although it is nice to enjoy the fall before the freezing temperatures hit, it’s also scary to think of the effect that global warming is having on our world that we can easily notice. Earlier this month, temperatures were in the 70s which is the complete opposite to the chilling temperatures of Iowa. We should be able to whip out our fuzzy socks and Uggs that we hate but love for their warmth without breaking a sweat.

Will winter ever come? When will be the first snow fall where everyone is late to school? Begging for snow to fall doesn’t feel like living in Iowa. When the hatred for snow begins, that’s when we know winter has begun.