Spoken Word Club

Sabrina Lang, Reviews Editor

Interested in learning about spoken word poetry? Free Tuesdays after school starting at 3:15? Then Spoken Word Club is the club for you! Spoken Word will be Tuesdays after school at 3:15 in Mrs. Engelkes’ room.

This club was initially started after Spoken Word Night a month ago. Junior, Oscar Rodriguez, who performed at the event felt it would be fitting to start Ames High’s own Spoken Word Club after meeting and watching students from other schools perform. And he knew exactly where to go to start the club. Mrs. Engelkes holds a plus period every Tuesday dedicated as a poetry extention. This plus period was the birthplace of the idea of the first Ames High Spoken Word Club.

In the club, students will watch a performance by the featured poet of the week, learn to write their own spoken word through prompts and workshops. There will be time to write and practice performances.

So, come to poetry club. Even if you’re new to poetry, never written a poem in your life, and are just curious to listen, you’re welcome to Spoken Word Club. Come one, come all in supporting your fellow Ames High students in this new poetic adventure.