Why Study Philosophy


Ezra Shirtcliff, Editor

How was the world created? Is there any will or meaning behind what happens? Is there a life after death? How should we live? People have been asking these questions throughout the ages. We can’t name a culture which has not concerned itself with what humanity is and where their home came from.

Each individual has to discover their own answer to these same questions. You can’t find out whether there is a god or whether there is life after death by simply googling it. Nor does google properly tell us how to live.

To answer the questions, we have to rediscover our curiosity, something that gradually diminishes over time. Teenagers are stuck between adulthood and childhood. At some point, we stop being amazed by the little things but still think the occasional fun fact worth knowing.

“[philosophy is] the study of how you understand things which is basically as metaphysical as you can get,” said Owen Murphy, senior.

Philosophy serves multiple purposes. The most important being that it keeps the world interesting and shows people what their goals and virtues are. This decreases ignorance and unwanted emotional reactions. It allows you to further expand on broader and broader subjects. It allows you to question the world and yourself.

“If you have those tools you can understand how other people look at the world and it also gives you a good idea of what you should be doing if you’re presented with a certain problem,” Owen said.

“To only study it academically can be tough and boring. I want students to see how it can be useful in bringing an awareness to their daily lives and how it can be applied to benefit them in their decision making.” said Chad Zmolek, sociology teacher.