Cats Are Anarchists

Reeves’ Rants #2

Cat pictured is Moochi, a 9 year old domestic short hair available for adoption.

Cat pictured is Moochi, a 9 year old domestic short hair available for adoption.

Not all cats are bad, sure they do have a devilish look in their eyes on occasion. Feral cats, on the other hand, are the true anarchists, could snap in an instant, and turn into the little demons they are. The only rule in the cat world is to kill or be killed.

Let me tell you a little story that brought me to this conclusion. When I was a baby my family had a cat named Chelsea, she was a mildly feral cat that our family friend gave us, she was a hotel kitten. As a kitten she was sweet and gentle, she grew up to be mean and rude. The anarchist emerged from her as she aged.

They also just leave, they’ll probably come back but who will know for sure. Imagine if your dog just left, panic and fear would ensue, your furbaby is gone. If it was a cat, well they’ll come back eventually, they might want the little attention they allow you to give.

Even the best house cats have this instinct within them, a wild side, where anarchy reigns supreme. Don’t let this deter you from adopting a cat, they all deserve love. The trend where you stroke their head with a wet toothbrush because it reminds them of their mother, adorable. Be aware that even though you are the owner, you are not in charge. Because cats are anarchists, and I don’t trust them.

Here’s a link to cats available for adoption at the Ames Animal Shelter. Adopt an older cat, they have a harder time getting adopted, and they might have their mischievous tendencies worked out.


Adopt a cat from Ames Animal Shelter