Don’t Say Happy New Year Just Yet

Reeves’ Rants #5


Remember when we all thought that 2020 was going to be our year, well look how that turned out. Therefore I will be treating this year like I’m trying out a mattress. A 3-month trial to see if I want to make a commitment. Only then will a happy new year be said because we will know if this year is actually happy. 

For the safety and sanity of us all, I urge you to lightly step into the new year, don’t leap, don’t jump, don’t even think about running into it. Lightly, may I emphasize lightly, tiptoe into 2021. Who knows maybe a million-year-old dormant volcano we didn’t know existed decides to make its debut. 

If anything, make reasonable resolutions, perhaps to use a mineral sunscreen, or to call your family more. Make them manageable, in case of any and all circumstances that may arise. 

Something that might make this year ‘okay’ is if you wear your mask, wear it. They work and you can still breathe when you are wearing them if you can’t suck it up because you could kill your parents. It also doesn’t work if you only wear it sometimes. Yes, statistically wearing them at a higher rate is more effective in curbing the virus but you cannot control where or when the virus is going to pop up, therefore don’t put yourself in situations that could be dangerous in the future. 

I wish everyone a hopefully better year, so to start it off I will leave you with the words of the angel himself, Harry Styles, “I’m tired and it’s winter.” 

TPWK and have a mediocre year.