The Boiling Point

Reeves Rants’ #6

The Boiling Point

These past three weeks have seemed to be the most hectic start to a new year. Domestic terrorism, abuse of innocent people who are trying to be on the right side of history. The national guard had to have a sleepover in the Capitol to protect the men and women who run the government. Blatant anti-semitism and pure hatred to large parts of the population. Yet I sit here in my bed blanky. 

This is supposed to be where I am able to voice my opinion yet I am speechless, baffled. How do you even reason with something that has no plausible reason behind it? The only reason is hate. Attempting to rationalize this leads nowhere except a spiraling turmoil of confusion and life contemplation. I am genuinely speechless, how much progress has been made but how little some people’s ideology has progressed.

It doesn’t help that our generation has constantly been fed information, an overload of constant media can quickly lead to emotional burnout and anxiety. If you want to make a change in the world you need to be able to think coherently. I recommend listening to a nice sea shanty, perhaps watching a Monterey Bay Aquarium live streams. You can sit and watch otters play, or the live jellyfish cam and relax your mind a little.

Take a deep breath, and try and rebuild what is broken.